Elon Musk

Revolutionizing three industries. Automotive, aerospace, and solar energy. Is active CEO and CTO of the largest private space company in the world, AND CEO of the most up and coming electric car-tech company in the world.

Who is this incredible real-life Tony Stark? You already know.

Elon Musk began his journey with Paypal, the world’s most well-known payment processing system. A small side project became a 1.5 billion dollar payoff that he later invested into his brainchild, Space X, and then later Tesla. The technical side of Musk’s projects is incredible, yet what remains to be this man’s ultimate genius is his lack of limit to his imagination and his goals.


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Let’s start with Space X. This company was started to put civilization on Mars. Yes, Elon Musk wants to civilize Mars. Many don’t know that the goal of his company is such, mostly because Space X since its inception has become the biggest private space company in the world. So yes, getting billions of dollars of private and government contracts is all just for the interim until the company’s technology becomes sufficient to support life on another planet. He wants to revolutionize our Earth by

Next, Tesla. From the depths of bankruptcy, Musk pulled it out with his own funding. It is now the most revolutionary automaker that has entered the market in the past 10 decades. Demand for Teslas has never been an issue. Demand will never be an issue. Exclusivity brings with it a perception of even higher value. The fact that Tesla is struggling to meet demand makes people want one even more. Musk views electric cars as the future of the world. And we will get there one Tesla at a time.

A third brainchild of Musk’s genius is the solar provider SolarCity. The nation’s largest solar panel provider. Musk simply handed his cousins a few million dollars and asked them to create a sustainable and affordable solar panel company. And sustainable and affordable it is. Its recent acquisition by Tesla is also testament to Musk’s scope and long term vision. He’s got plans. That’s no mystery anymore.

Every single one of his companies is out to revolutionize the world. The auto industry, space, and energy capture and storage. Companies are difficult to start and sustain. Check out this moving company, it’s the definition of success.

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